The big night out

Evening styling is one of the most important closet elements that should be present in every woman. Appearance is an important part of our presentation and affects the first impression we will make on others. A well-chosen set for an evening gala allows You to feel confident and elegant in any situation, and at the same time emphasize our assets and figure.


The dress by Safiyaa, which we chose for today's styling, is an ideal choice for women looking for an elegant evening look. The midi dress is made of dark navy blue fabric, which looks very chic. It is decorated with feathers at the bottom, which add to its unique character and glamour. The dress has a classic, fitted cut, which emphasizes the feminine silhouette, while providing freedom of movement.  It will go well with stilettos or high-heeled sandals.

Here are some of our suggestions to complete this stunning look:

These heeled sandals - Giaro Kitty are a unique model that will be perfect for evening styling. They are made of lacquered eco leather in black, which gives them an elegant character. They have a high platform, which guarantees stability and comfort when walking. In addition, the sandals are decorated with a panther pattern, which attracts attention and gives them a unique style. The stiletto heel and ankle strap will blend perfectly with a midi dress and emphasize the slender ankle!

Giaro Beliza pumps are an elegant piece of evening styling that is sure to catch the attention of others. They feature an original design that combines the classic peep-toe, or open front of the shoe, with a metal stiletto heel. The high heel, which is 15 cm, adds elegance and femininity to the silhouette. The pumps are made of lacquered eco leather in black, which gives them a chic character and goes well with many evening outfits. They will go perfectly with a long evening dress. This is a perfect addition to styling for women who want to feel confident and sensual during an evening outing!


Black Giaro Scant high sandals are a classic element of evening styling, which will add elegance and feminine character to the silhouette. They are characterized by a high heel, which is as high as 16 cm, and a platform, which provides comfort and stability when walking. The sandals are made of eco leather, which gives them an elegant look and goes well with many evening outfits. This model is minimalist, which allows for easy matching with different colors and cuts of clothes. These sandals will be a versatile choice for evening outings, parties or celebrations, especially when combined with a long dress. This is a must-have choice for women who appreciate elegant style!

If you want to express your originality with your styling and draw the attention of others, Giaro Devotion are the choice for you! A pointed toe, an elegant heel with an interesting shape and a platform is a combination that gives the shoes character and gives the silhouette elegance and femininity. These pumps go well with a long evening dress, but also with matching pants or skirt. This is an excellent choice for women who want to feel confident and original during an evening outing!

The black Giaro Taya stilettos are a classic evening closet piece that stands out with subtle pink accents. The pumps have a high heel of 15 cm, which gives the silhouette a sensual look. The high stiletto heel and minimalist platform, which is 2 cm, provide stability and comfort when walking. These pumps go well with many evening outfits, especially with dresses of classic cut. In addition, the pink elements on the shoes can be emphasized by pairing them with pink accessories, such as handbags or jewelry. This is an excellent choice for women who appreciate classic style, but at the same time want to stand out with subtle color accents!

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